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Work and Research Experience

Research and Teaching Assistant

  • Benchmarking Kubernetes and microservice-based applications on edge and cloud computing environments.
  • Distributed and federated learning.

Edge and Cloud Computing Application-Aware System Design Deep Learning

TUM, Germany
2022 - Present

Research Assistant

  • Collaborated on a variety of projects related to deep learning and efficient computing.

Edge and Cloud Computing Environment-Aware Systems Design Deep Learning

EASY Lab., SUT, Iran
2019 - 2021

Deep Learning Research Internship

Information Embedding Deep Neural Network Model Design Dataset Preparation Samples Similarity Siamese Networks

Software Engineer

Network Load Tests API Stress Tests Edge Computing TensorFlow Lite Microservice Deployment via Flask Edge Computing Dataset Generation Number and Digit Recognition on various Medical Devices

iDia (Diapedia) , Iran & Canada
2019 - 2021

Undergraduate Research Assistant: Computer-Aided Bread Quality Assessment

Image Aquisition Techniques Dataset Gathering Data Preparation Image Processing Machine Learning (Multi) Fractal Unsupervised Segmentation Classification

FUM & QIET, Iran
2017 - 2018


Room 1912, Chair of Communication Networks, CE Department, Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany.